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Recycling Shredded Paper

Recycling paper is an important element in most business' sustainability plans, and when handled correctly, you’re not only helping the environment but also increasing security.

One ton of recycled paper can provide significant environmental benefits including reducing carbon emissions, saving trees, and cutting back on water use, resulting in an energy savings of around 65%.

One step further: secure paper recycling  

While paper recycling efforts have made an impact over the past several years, there is still room for improvement when it comes to the security of the information being recycled.

Information security is now starting to play an all-important role in how we deal with paper. Most workplaces still have work to do and need to re-think the way they handle paper documents.

This is how we secure your recycling process

Each year, our customers with a regularly-scheduled service can get a certificate detailing the number of trees they saved. We estimate that for every two shredding bins (consoles) shredded and recycled, one tree is saved.

Our 7 steps to secured recycling:

  1. Confidential documents are dropped into a secure, locked console.
  2. On a scheduled basis, consoles are emptied by Information Security Professionals and all confidential documents are destroyed in the truck on-site.
  3. A certificate of destruction is issued to each customer.
  4. Shredded paper is transported to a paper mill for recycling.
  5. Pulp is made as the fibers of the shredded paper are separated.
  6. The pulp is put through a screening process that filters out impurities and prepares it for the removal of printing ink.
  7. The newly recycled pulp is mixed with fresh pulp to manufacture new paper products
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We make sure that all material is securely recycled

Not only confidential paper documents should be securely destroyed and recycled, also hard disks and any other e-media should be on your destruction list. We make sure that all shredded hard drives are securely recycled.

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Would you like more information about securely shredding your confidential data? Shred-it provides one off and regularly scheduled shredding of documents and hard drives. 100% recycled. Please contact us to get a free quote. Let Shred-it help keep your workplace secure.

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