November 26, 2019

Stay Secure This Festive Season

With many employees typically taking time off during the festive period, companies are often left with Skeleton staff to hold down the fort, and understandably so, many of these employees are not always happy about this. So, when dealing with disgruntled employees and skeleton staff this season, be sure to implement the following in order to reduce the risk of a breach during the most wonderful time of the year:

Establish a Clean Desk Policy

When taking time off for the holidays, employees should lock down all computers and leave their area clear of documents, making sure to securely store all sensitive documents.

Implement a Fraud Hotline

According to the ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners), more than 40% of all employee fraud is detected by a tip - mostly from other employees.

Educate Staff on the Latest Internet Scams

The holiday period is full of keen opportunists trying to take advantage of the genuine holiday spirit of others, and so, make sure your employees are aware of the latest scams that they may encounter, such as; deceptive advertising with dangerous links, phony shipping notifications and even fake charities.

Create a Culture of Security With an Information Security Policy

Implement a security committee Headed by a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) - this works in conjunction with setting up a fraud hotline within your business, as mentioned previously.

Restrict Access

When taking time off - and taking work with them - employees should refrain from taking any and all confidential documentation with them, however, if it is absolutely necessary to do so, ensure you are only taking the documents required to do your job.
The last thing anybody wants during the festive season is to have their personal or confidential information in the wrong hands, so, do your company, your customers, and yourselves a huge festive favor by staying safe and secure.