Top 5 documents fraudsters hope you dont shred

And how Shred-it can help protect you and your business.

Most employees would never consider throwing a contract into the waste bin. Nor would they leave a key strategic document in the recycling bin. But every day, confidential information could be leaking out of your office without you even knowing about it. Here is why you need to securely shred these documents:

  1. Expense Receipts – reveal and expose your spending habits. Don’t let receipts linger in your wallet or sit on your desk.

  2. Boarding Passes – the airline barcodes contain a lot of sensitive personal data. Take your board pass with your when you leave your flight.

  3. CVs– contain enough personal information to create a fake identity. Shred CVs securely as soon as you have finished with them; they are a rich source of information for identity theft.

  4. Shipping Labels – reveal your vendors, your purchase habits and frequency. Remove any and all labels prior to recycling your packaging.

  5. Presentations – documents containing strategy and insights could be sold to competitors, even the old ones, the earlier drafts, that get usually get thrown away or recycled. Resist printing and securely shred unwanted copies.

When employees make personal decisions about what is private and what is not by choosing to use their recycling bin or an office shredder, they put your business at risk. With Shred-it Regular Document Shredding, all paper documents go into our secure locked container; which means you can rest assured knowing that it's 100% shredded and recycled, safely and securely.

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  • Certificate of Shredding after every service
  • And just as importantly, all shredded paper is 100% recycled, helping to reduce your carbon footprint

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