Don’t choose between protecting the environment or your business. With Shred-it, you can protect both!

With Shred-it, you can protect both!

Shred-it-Secure-Recycling-logo_BLUE_RGB_EN-(1).pngDespite advancements in digitalisation, the paperless office is not yet a reality. In fact, the average office worker still uses over 10,000 sheets of paper a year.1

Make Shred-it your office recycling programme.

When you have a Shred-it document shredding programme, you don’t have to make the tough choice between shredding sensitive information or reducing your environmental impact. With Shred-it, all documents that are ready to be discarded go directly into your Shred-it containers, not the waste or recycling bin. Once your Shred-it Information Security Professional makes your regular collection, your documents are shredded using our proprietary cross-cut technology and 100% recycled.

At Shred-it, 100% of the paper we shred is recycled, safely and securely. Contact us today to make Shred-it your secure recycling programme. 

With customers in 19 countries around the world, Shred-it is the world leader in information security and secure recycling.

We protect the environment. We protect your business. We protect what matters.


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