The average data breach costs businesses about 13.9 million AED in lost customers, revenue and fines.

When most people think "information breach" they think of hackers and firewalls. And while hacking is a very serious concern, businesses tend to forget about the more obvious and easy ways confidential information can get into the wrong hands. The mismanagement of confidential documents is the most common way private information gets into the wrong hands.

Over 50% of security breaches occur inside an organisation

You may be surprised but most information breaches are due to employee error or poor judgement in the handling of confidential documents; mistakes that can quickly lead to a privacy breach.

Shredding confidential information to protect personal details and sensitive corporate data is one of the best and easiest ways for an organisation like yours to make sure confidential information remains confidential.

We Protect Businesses & Organisations

With options ranging from regularly scheduled service to on-demand clear-outs, Shred-it offers choice and flexibility without ever compromising security.  From our locked containers to barcode scanning at every touchpoint, we ensure that your information is safe and secure from the minute it leaves your hands.
  • Secure Document Destruction
  • Hard Drive Destruction
  • Workplace Security Policies
On their own, our products and services offer excellent protection and value, but together they create an integrated suite that ensures your workplace, your employees, and your customers are Shred-it Protected.

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