October 30, 2019

Data Protection Law and Regulation

Violating privacy law and regulation in the UAE can cost companies big money in fines, penalties and lost revenues/reputation - in fact - research shows the average cost of a data breach is now more than AED 18.1 million. 

With enforcement of privacy laws becoming more stringent globally and regulators pushing for greater deterrents to prevent unlawful use of personal data, it is more important than ever for all businesses and organisations to understand what they must do to comply with privacy legislation.

This summary outlines key elements of data privacy laws in the UAE and serves as both a guide on taking the first steps to compliance and a refresher for those who may already be well on the road. It includes:

Data Protection PDF

  • Details of some of the key data protection legislation
  • What the legislation covers and who must comply
  • Penalties for breaching the laws around document security

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