November 24, 2020

5 Most Vulnerable Areas in an Office: Improve Data Security in Your Workplace

Fraud is a big cause for concern for UAE businesses of all sizes, with the average organisation losing 5% of its revenue each year to occupational fraud. What most don't know however, is that major threats can come from within an organisation.

Occupational fraud is a common problem for many businesses around the world. Most office spaces are ripe for internal fraudsters and the median loss caused by a single case of occupational fraud is around AED 910,000. However many businesses still overlook obvious data security vulnerabilities and are more susceptible to inside attacks. The good news is that the solutions are often easy to implement and quite inexpensive, so are definitely worth including in your data security plan.

Learn about the risks associated with these vulnerabilities:

  • Office Printers
  • Messy Desks
  • Recycling and Waste Bins
  • IT Device Storage
  • Cars, Homes, and Hotels

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