Paper Waste Management is Vital in the UAE

In Abu Dhabi alone, 11.2 million tonnes of waste was produced by the emirate in 2019. This large amount of waste is due to a number of reasons, such as population growth, economic activities, and consumer shopping habits.

Many waste management companies in the UAE do not utilise a secure process. Therefore, researching and working with a trusted confidential information security company such as Shred-it will help aid in a safe, secure, and environmentally friendly waste management process. It is important to understand the importance of trusted waste management services and the benefits they can provide businesses and the environment.

What is Waste Management?

Simply put, waste management is the collection, processing, treatment, and disposal of waste, and this includes different types of waste, from industrial and technological to organic waste. The waste management process typically runs through these steps:

  1. Storage
  2. Transport
  3. Regulation checks
  4. Treatment
  5. Disposal

Waste management services will carry out these actions and ensure your waste is disposed of safely and effectively in line with government legislation and guidelines. And with there being different types of waste to dispose of through waste management services, there are also different types of waste management, these include:

  1. Recycling
  2. Landfill
  3. Incineration
  4. Biological processing, e.g., composting

Despite there being many waste management companies in the UAE, most will not securely dispose of your confidential data. It is more beneficial to work closely with a confidential information security company in this instance, and Shred-it can help with this. We deal with the waste management of physical and digital confidential documents. We ensure the to both securely and safely dispose of your confidential data in an environmentally friendly manner, which some waste management companies in the UAE cannot guarantee.

Why is Waste Management Important?

There are many benefits to using waste management services to dispose of your business’ waste that are great for the environment and your business.

Better for the Environment

Waste management is a fantastic way to help recover our suffering environment, although some methods of waste management do not aid the environment, such as landfill and incineration, in some instances this cannot be helped depending on the type of waste you are trying to dispose of.

Complying with Government Guidelines

Therefore, finding a trusted waste management company is very important as they will offer the best solutions for your business’ needs. By working personally alongside your business, reputable waste management companies will be able to suggest waste management solutions that comply with government guidelines and aid in the environmental effort that the UAE is pushing to achieve.

Boosts Employee Morale and Brand Image

Finally, by meeting the waste management benefits above, your employees will feel a sense of increased morale and pride as the business strives to meet the green agenda of the UAE. In turn, your business’ brand image will also be positively impacted as you will be seen to be meeting your green and sustainable obligations.

Waste Management Services with Shred-it

As mentioned, there are many waste management companies in the UAE that can help your business with your waste management needs. However, if you are looking to dispose of both paper and technological waste, Shred-it can offer our industry-leading waste management services. Our waste management services will ensure the security and integrity of your waste while also making sure that we work with trusted partners that will recycle your waste to aid in the UAE’s green agenda.

One Time Paper Shredding

 Paper file storage can take up vital space, but our On-demand Shredding Service will help you to declutter any non-essential documents so you only have to archive paper and documents that you need to keep or are relevant to your business and clients.

Regular Scheduled Paper Shredding

Our One Time Paper Shred can work for many businesses, but larger operations may often need a more regular paper shredding service. This is where our Regularly Scheduled Paper Shredding Service can prove cost-effective and help your confidential information stay secure.

Hard Drive and Media Destruction

Shred-it can also offer our Hard Drive Destruction Service. We have a few methods we can use to ensure the destruction of IT equipment, such as our Hard Drive Shredding Service which involves shredding your hard drive into small pieces using industrial grade destruction equipment ensuring that your confidential and private information isn’t retrievable 

Although hard drives are typically the main medium for digital storage, data can also be stored on other devices such as CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, zip disks, and USBs. Our Media Destruction Service can help businesses to ensure these other mediums are also properly and securely disposed of and recycled without the risk of a data breach.

Find out more about our waste management services by getting in touch today to see how our services can protect your business, employees, and customers.