Service Fees

Schedule of Ancillary Charges

Container Key
Delivery Fee
Regularly scheduled customers who require an emergency delivery of their container key off regular shredding service scheduleCustomer Minimum Charge Fee

Container Pick Up Fee

Regularly scheduled customers who terminate their contract early or who choose not to renew at the end of their contractCustomer Minimum Charge Fee
Relocation Fee
Regularly scheduled customers who are moving offices and require their containers relocated.Customer Minimum Charge Fee
Console Return FeeRegularly scheduled and One Off Service customers with a large number of consoles who require any consoles to be returned after documents in the consoles  have been shredded, a consoles return fee will be appliedCustomer Minimum Charge Fee
Additional Console InstallsCustomers who require further consoles to be delivered and installed in addition to their initial allocationCustomer Minimum Charge Fee
Damaged ConsoleIn the event of a damaged console (non wear and tear)AED550 per console