Environmental & Recycling FAQs

Can hard drives be recycled?

Yes, you can recycle hard drives. But there’s no way to ensure that hard drives sent for recycling will not be accessed by information thieves. Our hard drive destruction services apply the same proven, state-of-the-art, chain of custody protocols for hard drive destruction as we do for document destruction, ensuring safe, secure destruction of your media.

How are Shred-it monitoring environmental contribution?

Shred-it is an environmentally conscious company that takes recycling very seriously. We can provide our clients with a Certificate of Environmental Accomplishment, which shows the number of trees they have saved by using Shred-it's services. Contact your account manager or one of our team on 04 340 3588 to find out more. Also See how confidential destruction works hand-in-hand with recycling in our guide to Shredding Paper and the Environment.

How is my paper recycled?

At Shred-it, our document destruction services securely recycle 100% of all shredded paper. All the paper is delivered to a local recycler who baled and then categorised into two grades for market purposes – either sorted office waste (SOW) or coloured heavy letter (CHL). Shredded paper is recycled by being sent to a tissue mill which produces household and business products, while the CHL grade is sent to paper mills which produce pulp and recycled high-grade paper. Find out more in our guide to How to Reduce Your Company's Carbon Footprint.

When will I receive my Certificate of Destruction?

Once your documents have been destroyed, your Certificate of Destruction will be sent electronically to the email address provided.

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